niedziela, 17 października 2010

Już 17? Aua.

W skrócie, moje ostatnie dwa tygodnie:

(1) Każdy kolejny początek roku jest gorszy od poprzedniego. #corobićjakukładaćharmonogram

(2) Koniecznym warunkiem dobrego sushi party jest to, że każdy własnoręcznie skręca sobie makizushi.

(3) Akademia lulz: An analysis of coins landing on edge has been developed by
Murray and Teare [31]. Using a combination of theory and experiment they concluded that a U.S. nickel will land on its edge about 1 in 6000 tosses. Finally, Mosteller [30] developed tools to study the related question, “How thick must a coin be to have probability 1/3 of landing on edge?”
Coin tossing is such a familiar image that it seems that large amounts of empirical data should be available. A celebrated study [21] is based on a heroic collection of 10,000 coin flips. Kerrich’s flips allowed the coin to bounce on the table so our analysis does not apply. His data do seem random (p = 1/2) for all practical purposes. Further studies of Pearson (24,000 flips) and Lock (30,000 flips) are reported in [33]. Our estimate of the bias for flipped coins is p = .51. To estimate p near 1/2 with standard error 1/1000 requires 2√n = 1/1000 or n = 250, 000 trials. While not beyond practical reach, especially if a national coin toss was arranged, this makes it less surprising that the present research has not been empirically tested.

(4) Moje nowe hobby: czytać słowo "concrete" jako "betonowy" w każdym kontekście. Like:

The point can be made more vivid by considering a more concrete case. Let us put the issue of branching-universe theories aside for the moment.
If there are such choice points, however, then, as a conceptual obligation, we should—rather than easing our conscience with compatibilist waffle and fudge—accept the reality of these alternate
concrete possibilities.
And to suppose that the concrete context of these relations in no sense qualifies its inner content, or that this qualification is a matter of indifference to thought, is quite indefensible.

(5) "Oedipus Brain Foil" to trzy naprawdę doskonałe albumy i każdy powinien je przesłuchać.

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